Teacup pigs activism scaring people away from having teacup pigs as pets

There is a lot of misinformation out there about teacup pigs. Unfortunately some extreme activist have been networking with other sites in an attempt to scare people away from owning pigs as pets. They use a few stories of where people have been ripped off in an attempt to totally discredit that teacup pigs exist. You see it in the news all the time now where another celebrity adopted a piglet or you will see teacup pigs on VINE and Facebook. Are people just making it up that they have teacup pigs….. or is something else going on?

Teacup pigs are like a breed of dogs, All dog breeds are not the same. Some are bigger than others. Some are bred for different reasons. Just like a with a dog you can starve a Doberman and have it turn into a Miniature pincher. You also can’t starve a normal size pig or a pot belly and have it turn into teacup pig. They are all different breeds of pigs. 

Teacup pigs are can be a little difficult to raise. Just like a puppy they are going to take work at first. Just like any other pet you are going to have to provide for them. You will want to play with them and cuddle with them. Feed them and water them. In fact teacup pigs have their own food made specifically for them. You can get this food at Mazuri.com 

Teacup pigs can also be trained to sit and do tricks using food as an incentive. On the right you see a video of a teacup pig sitting for a treat. Pigs are said to be on of the smartest animals in the world. Some people even believe them to be smarter than dogs. Read this PBS article on pigs
It is important to know that the name teacup pig does not mean the pig will stay the size of a teacup as an adult. Usually teacup pigs weigh on average between 15-50 LBS and real teacup pigs are very rare and usually over $1,500. There are some people trying to sell potbelly pigs through classified ads and label them as teacup pigs they usually sell them for really cheap to get people to buy before they get caught. Below is a picture of a teacup pig from Pamperedpiglets.com

She is two years old and pregnant. Her name is Lulu. She loves life and loves the sun. She is still very small and more important she is HAPPY!!